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Table tennis is an amazing sport and there are tons of benefits of playing table tennis. If you are an opera singer then table tennis can help you in many ways and being an opera singer you must engage yourself in some physical activities. Playing table tennis is itself a full intense cardio session, the only difference is it is more fun and you will be able to burn calories while having fun.

One of the main reasons why opera singers should do physical activity is that it helps in developing heart health and lung endurance. So if you want to know more, then down below is a list of reasons for how playing table tennis can help opera singers.

Reasons To Play Table Tennis

1- Good for Lungs and Heart

As you may already know that table tennis is an aerobic metabolism sport and it is very beneficial for the lungs and heart. It strengthens your lungs and also improves the efficiency of respiration, and for an opera singer, it is very important to have healthy lungs. Another good thing is that it reduces the chance of any heart disease.

2- Fun Way to Burn Calories

One of the most important reasons to play table tennis is that it can burn calories while having fun. Table tennis requires you to move constantly and this results in increasing the heart rate and burn calories. In a 1 hour round of table tennis, an average person can burn up 270 calories. So if you play table tennis regularly, then you will lose weight and get a fit toned body and it is very important for opera singers to stay fit.

3- Helps you Calm Down

Relaxation is very important if you are an opera singer and table tennis helps to calm down and relax. It is also very useful in relieving stress and anxiety. It also makes the mind sharp because table tennis requires to spin, speed, and placement at the same time to hit a good stroke.

4- Healthy Breathing Muscles

It is very important for opera singers to maintain their lungs healthy and prevent themselves from any respiratory problems. Table tennis helps in improving the efficiency of their breathing muscles.

5- Boosts Brain

Another reason why opera should play table tennis is that it helps in boosting brainpower. Your mind will get them a clean and focused mind and it also prevents you from other problems like Alzheimer’s. It is also great in improving your joint health.


These were some of the reasons how playing table tennis can help opera singers and why they should play it regularly. There are a lot of other benefits of playing table tennis. Another good thing about table tennis is that it can improve your overall health and it fun to play. One more great plus point of table tennis is that you don’t have to worry if you don’t have friends, still, you can play even at home with a table tennis robot. Hope this article will give you some useful information.



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